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Brittle Nails

What Causes them and how can we help?

Part of being a professional nail technician is not all about playing with pretty colours and glitters.

One integral part of our day to day job is the care of natural nails toe and finger.

We can do this by offering manicures and pedicures to a client on a regular basis, for those who would like to maintain their nails naturally, without artificial enhancement.

Manicures and pedicures not only open dialogues as to customers concerns, but can be a profitable part of any working salon.

Most people I have encountered would like to have their nails grow stronger. Meaning not bend or break.

So there are two reasons this may occur. The first is that the clients have too much moisture and softness in their nails, in which case they are needing nail hardeners applied. The second is of course Brittle Nails.


Imagine brittle nails to be not dislike a dry leaf in autumn. Crush it in your hand and it immediately breaks. So imagine that same leaf in your hand but it’s now green, and hasn’t fallen yet from the tree. The leaf is full of nutrients and moisture provided by the tree allowing it to withstand wind, and weather. This is the same as human brittle nails. They would also benefit from nutrients and moisture, provided from the body, skin and the nails own anatomical make up.



What causes brittle nails?
Brittle nails are caused through a variety of factors. Internal health, hereditary factors, nail enhancements, also a clients lifestyle can all contribute to this condition


How can we as professionals help?
By easily performing moisture boosting manicures and pedicures, clients can easily rectify the situation. Nail professionals also have a variety of sale Items that they may upsell to clients for their home use to support in salon services. Most of the sales stick found in salons are associated to the care of natural nails at home.





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Classification and external resources
Specialty dermatology
ICD-10 L60.3 (ILDS L60.350)
DiseasesDB 33353

Onychorrhexis (from the Greek words ὄνυχο- ónycho-, "nail" and ῥῆξις rhexis, "bursting"), also known as brittle nails, is a brittleness with breakage of finger or toenails that may result from excessive strong soap and water exposure, nail polish remover, hypothyroidism, anemia, anorexia nervosa or bulimia, or after oral retinoid therapy.[1]:786 Onychorrhexis affects up to 20% of the population[1]

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