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Nail Salon Comedy - Anjelah Johnson

Just a bit of fun...we've all been there


It is a good lesson on how to UPSELL in your Nail Salon.

"Any ladies and you get your nails done? Nice! Me, my sister we go over.. umm It's a place called beautiful nail. Kinda confused when I first read the sign though Beautiful nail. Just one, just one nail. You know these ladies, they are so nice. They make you feel like it's all about you and customer service you know. Whatever you like we do for you Really nice! Yeah As soon as I walk in they greet me right away. Hi honey! what you need today? oh umm can I get my nails done? Ok honey, do you like pedicure too? Uhh no no just my nails Honey, why you don't lie? Pedicure it make look nice, it so sexy.

It's better for you. Oh oh, alright. Sure then I'll get a pedicure too thanks Ok, honey sit down number 6, Mailing she do for you good job only $20 more. That's okay, sit down. So Mailing starts doing my nails right away. You have boyfriend? Uhh no no, I don't have a boyfriend. Honey! Why you don't have? You look so pretty like model, cheerleaders. Something pretty. You like long or short nail? Uhh short nails, please. Thanks. Oh, honey.

That's why you don't have boyfriend. I do for you. Long better. Alright! Fine, I'll have long nails. Thanks. It's okay, honey only 4$ more, that's okay. Do you like Quito Gel? What? Do you like Quito Gel? Umm... I'm sorry umm.. what? Honey, do you like Quito Gel? For your nail is the best thing you could have for your nail. It make look nice. It's sparkling like diamond in the sky. Do you like Quito Gel? Oh! umm.. no I don't want Quit quito that things. Honey! You say to me do not have boyfriend.

I do want to help you. Oh, okay. Fine, I'll have some, thank you. That's okay and it's better for you. Only $6 more. I'm finished. Go wash your hand Alright, thanks Tammy. Oh, wait, hold on, listen, here's a little bit crooked see See that? No, Honey. That your finger do like that. That's funny, cause my finger didn't do like that before I came in here. It's okay, honey. Don't worry I fix it for you don't worry. *kasdnskaafoeofeejasjlxfvjsdovjdsovkxckvxcvvojvoa* *She's swearing in Vietnamese* Oh! She says you look so pretty.."

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