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When technicians fist start out with building their business, there’s a lot of anxiety attached to the predicament known as “your budget.”

Obviously this budget that must be adhered to should cover:

  • The cost associated with your initial training
  • The products and tools required to set up your business
  • Your furniture and decorations.
  • Your “float” needed to sustain your rent and income whilst building your clientele.

The cost associated with your Initial training.

For some, it’s a lot like buying a car. You may have a budget that would be more suited to a Datsun than a Mercedes. But rest assured no matter how humble your beginnings or how much cash you flash during the initial inception of your baby, you will still arrive at your destination regardless.

The first thing you must look for is education. There are courses which provide extensive education that include days at the college working on clientele with an industry specialist such as what Ella grace beauty nail school can provide you. There are courses that will only provide you the content via correspondence or internet links. The difference is dramatic in their costs but again budget will direct you as a student to what is right for you economically. By picking the cheaper option, it will obviously not provide you with a strong starting platform, it will provide you with enough knowledge to get started and the road may be longer, but again with dedication and tonnes of practice, you will eventually arrive at your destination.

The Products and tools required to set up your business

The second decision that you will be faced with when you are ready to set up will be the products and tools needed to earn your cash!

Now courses such as Ella grace beauty nail school provide you with a very extensive nail kit, supplied by Young Nails Australia, which is Australia’s leading brand, as a part of their fees. Other courses do not have this option and require you to work out what you may need and allow the student to purchase the products with no supervision.

That’s not so bad if you can locate a reputable distributor in the area, or buy online which most companies offer. When you are doing this on your own there are brands which range in price and quality. You must always choose the brand and company which not only have a huge range of supplies and nail art, but will provide you with ongoing support and help, weather that be over the phone, or YouTube.

You can of course ask any college or provider of your course what’s included in their kits and what brand they choose to work with. In my experience the better quality of product you are supplied with whist learning, the more success is achieved by students.

I would allow approximately $1500 to purchase your products with, if they are not supplied to you during your training.

Furniture and decorations

Furnishings are an integral part of your business. Not only do they allow clientele to see who you are and what level of professionalism you are creating upon first sight, but the longevity of your body and ability to work comfortably for many years can be compromised by bad decisions.

The table and chairs may look pretty with their pink Rhinestones and silver sequins, but if you are unable to adjust heights according to your body versus table, or your feet are not flat on the floor, you can possibly kiss goodbye your career in a few short years.

Ventilation, lighting, chair height, bins, and surface space of your table top, are all very important decisions to make, and these topics are no less important to be taught that how to apply an acrylic nail.

We have consultants come in to our classes from Emendee tables to talk to our students regarding the importance of a correct, ergonomic working environment.

Money Float

Last but not least, your amount of money needed to survive whilst sitting there in your pretty space with no one knocking down your door.

Whilst starting out is an exciting time for a new business owner, you will be hit immediately with extra payments that you may not have allowed for.

These things range from your first weeks rent, through to your annual public Liability insurance, brochures and business cards or perhaps just some more extension cords for your equipment.

This is obviously unique to everyone, as we all have unique environments that we have set up in.

Just one new client a day, providing they’re rebooked before they leave, can give you a full appointment book in just 3 months. So do you have enough for three months’ worth of no work?

Even though we have only just scratched the surface for you regarding Salon Equipment, I hope I have provided you with a little more food for thought when choosing Nail Technology as a career.


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