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Manicure Tables are the most obvious purchase when you wish to start your journey as a Nail Technician.

It would be the most Important piece of equipment needed to perform a number of services such as Manicures, and all Nail enhancement services.

So just go out and buy any old desk right?


Your manicure table can keep you employed with a healthy mind and body, long into your new career. So may times I have witnessed Nail technicians coming and going, in such a short time due to body fatigue and Illness.

The following points may occur if the wrong decision is made when making your purchase.

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Ganglia attachments in your wrists
  • Postural and structural issues
  • Wry necks
  • Headaches
  • Emphysema
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Cancer

Factors to consider when purchasing.

Table Depth

The depth of your table in relation to where you sit comfortably, and how far your client must stretch to meet you is important.

Your client may start to extend her arms to compensate for the depth, but I can assure you during that hour or so, your client will suffer a sore back or fatigue and start creeping her arms back to a closer more comfortable position. You will constantly be pulling at his or her fingers to have them reach where you feel more comfortable and this is not an ideal way t work.

Do not choose a hall table for example, as firstly your equipment and electrical won't comfortably fit, and your shoulders will be tucked up under your ears to compensate.

Your table should be 60-70cm in depth for optimal comfort.

Table legs

Choose a table that may have adjustable legs as your feet should be flat on the ground, and your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle to your body, and your forearms laying flat on the table.

If your chair cannot achieve this perfect postural position, it may be likely that you wish to adjust your table slightly to compensate.

Modesty Board

Do not choose a desk with a modesty board placed underneath the table, simply because your client has no where to place his or her knees.

Extraction systems

You can purchase or rent Tables with very effective extraction systems built into them for dust and fume removal.

These tables take all of the guess work out of the purchase for you.

A company I thoroughly endorse is Emendee Workstations. This is an Australian company, who provide these tables to many Nail technicians across the country. Not only do they remove 99% of fine airborne dust, keeping your lungs healthy, but minimize the extreme fumes that can contaminate your living environment if you are a home technician. If your salon is lacking  efficient extraction systems, then these tables are a must have.

I highly recommend you request the laboratory results provided by this company that substantiate and prove their claims of providing you with a healthy working environment.

Table top surface.

Avoid purchasing a table top that is wooden, or porous in nature. The first spill of acetone, or even a cotton ball saturated in product, can leave a very unsightly mark on the table.

Look for a table that has a glass or marble table top. This way, between each client, your table can be thoroughly cleaned of dust and contaminates. Your next client is presented with a clean, hygienic surface, at minimal effort.

Please note, avoid table towels as a protectant covering to your wooden or porous tables, as the toxic dust and contaminates that the towel captures, is highly dangerous to your health.

I hope you are now able to make your purchase of your nail workstation with a little more confidence knowing the few facts that have been outlined here in this blog.


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