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There are many companies in Australia that import or manufacturer Electric Nail files, so where do you start looking, when your ready to make the decision on a purchase?

Once upon a time, Electric nail files, or "drills", as they were commonly referred to, where damaging to the natural nail, and there was very little education out there as to how to properly, and safely use one.

The drill bits that were used were little more than engravers bits, and the unit itself was probably purchased from Bunning or the local hardware store.

These days however, and probably due to client demand, we have safer electric files, that are designed not only to be used on the natural nail plate, but also as a quick and effective way to remove products efficiently.

So here are some points to consider when you are ready to make your purchase.


  • Price

  • Warrantee

  • Drill bits

  • Torque/vibration


The price of any electric file ranges from $30.00 to $900.00 AUD. You guessed it, the cheaper the electric file, the ineffective it is. There are electric files purchased from china off eBay that are useless, so instead of purchasing multiple files in this price point, thinking that you will eventually find a good one, I recommend saving your money and go straight to the top of the line. Brands such as Young Nails E-99, and Kupa have wonderful electric files.


When you are purchasing your  Electric File, find out about the manufacturers warrantee. You need to at least receive 2 years for manufacturing faults, as well as a company that will provide servicing of your handpiece every 1-2years. The fine dust, particularly from the gel nails does clog up inside the headpiece, so regular servicing is recommended.

Drill Bits

Several drill bits are required.

  • Prepping bits

  • Gel polish removal bits

  • Hard gel de-bulking bits

  • Acrylic de-bulking bits

Prepping bits

There are drill bits that are specifically designed to use on natural nails, by removing all non living tissue from the nail plate, prior to commencing with your service.

I would recommend purchasing a drill bit that aids in the preparation of the natural nail plate gently and effectively. This will prevent lifting of your product from the nail plate, as well as providing a clean canvas to paint on when doing manicures

Gel polish removal bits

There are fine tungsten carbide bits, that are terrific for natural nail gel polish removal. These come with a built in safety head on them so that you do not accidentally cut your clients cuticles. Used with very light pressure, you can safely remove the gel polish without the need for harsh acetone.

Hard gel de-bulking bits.

These are again tungsten carbide bits that are of a medium grit, and a safety bit option. They are tempered in either left or right handed pieces. This is so that the user does not feel that the drill bit is running away from them and hurting the client in the process. They are not the courses bit available, as Hard gel has a soft, chalky feel when finish filing it, so the bit need not be to aggressive.

Acrylic de-bulking bit.

They appear similar to the gel - de bulking bit, however they are somewhat course and are the most aggressive of all drill bits. Again possessing a safety feature, as well as being left or right handed, they are amazing for aiding in the speed of de bulking product and minimizing your service time.



This is somewhat important to consider as it can affect the correct speed and pressure in which you use your electric file. You do  not want to be applying pressure on your headpiece, and the motor stop turning. This will very quickly burn your motor out.

However you want an electric file that is gently enough to feather your natural nail so that the technician is not able to cause any damage to the nail plate.

Electric files often advertise 35,000 RPM, however, an electric file never is to be used at this speed, so avoid being "wowed" by the figures advertised.


There is a lot to consider when making your purchase of an efile. Specials can be found at beauty expos during certain times of the year. However best rule of thumb is that you buy the most expensive you can afford, and ensure the warrantee is offered and servicing can be arranged.





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