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Best Young Nails Kit in the Industry


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Ella Grace Beauty - Young Nails kit

What do I get in my Ella Grace Beauty Kit?

This kit alone is worth $779.17

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Young Nails Monomer.

Young Nails Monomer has a formulation that's exclusive to Young Nails call HPMA.

The effect of this formulation causes chain entanglement technology which is unique to Young Nails making it the strongest monomer on the market.

The effect of the Smooth polymerization of our monomer makes the workability of this product fast superior to others on the market eliminating your time and effort and producing amazing strong enhancements.

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Artistic Sculptor Brush

Our superior sculpting brushes are made from 100% kolinsky fibre.

The size of this brush being a number 9 allows you to retain the perfect amount of monomer in each stroke which keeps your ratio of powder to liquid perfect obtaining results that are strong and effective. This in turn eliminates cracking lifting and brittle enhancements.

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Brush On Glue

Young Nails glue is a brush on adhesive allowing total Precision in your application.

This slower setting adhesive is great for students as it allows a few seconds to dry which will have you placing your tips on properly and eliminate mistakes made.

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Rose Oil

Young Nails rose oil is a great way to finish off any enhancement as well as Nourish the skin.

The structure of the rose oil is so fine it penetrates acrylic and hard gel enhancements allowing them to plasticize and reduce brittleness. Also great for natural nails as it nourishes and feeds the skin and cuticle zone eliminating dryness and brittleness from nails.

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8 Oz Swipe

Swipe acts as a dehydrator and sanitizer to all natural nails prior to placing enhancements on your client's nails.

It's a necessary step in preparation for any service that's provided in a salon.

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Protein Bond

Protein bond is the second part of our preparation when applying any service to the salon.

The Protein Bond acts as a double sided sticky tape allowing whatever medium you are working with to adhere very well to a natural nail and eliminates lifting chipping or any other problem associated with enhancement.

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45 gm Cover Pink Nail Powder.

This fine polymer is made to work with the monomer flawlessly creating a beautiful creamy pearl that allows you to sculpt and apply with ease.

Cover Pink powder is made to camouflage any imperfections you may see in a nail bed as well as allowing you to sculpt out a nail bed for a Flawless French application.

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45 g Speed Clear Powder

Our speed clear powder is Crystal Clear allowing the technician to incase beautiful artwork and not have a clouded by a polymer that's not going to showcase your work.

This microfine polymer allows perfect consistency to be applied and he's the one-stop shop of polymers.

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500 Count Natural Tips

These natural tips are beautiful quality and R are made out of ABS plastic.

The straight sidelines and the thin wall of this tip allow it to be blended quickly and effectively as well as giving your client the ultimate strength of the canvas which the product is to be applied to.

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Young Nails Tip Cutter

This one step tip cutter allows you to cut all 10 nails when performing a service evenly and quickly so that the technician is not spending unnecessary time filing tips to shape.

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Metal Cuticle Pusher and Knife

This cuticle pusher has two functions. The first function allows you to push back the eponychium which will expose the true cuticle which is then to be removed by the technician.

The second function is the knife this can be used to scrape away non-living tissue and cuticle from the nail plate prior to any nail service.

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Manicure Brush

This is a necessary part of any technicians kit and allows you to remove Dust and contaminants before proceeding with your next step.

You may also use your manicure brush instead of lint-free wipes to apply dehydrator to the nail before enhancements are then applied.

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The eyedropper allows you to measure the perfect amount of monomer needed for each service you will only decant enough for each individual client so that you are not cross contaminating your powder to liquid ratio and have a fresh amount of monomer for every new set of enhancements.

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100 Count Sculpting Forms

Sculpting forms may be used as an alternative to natural tips please provide a canvas for your product to a be applied to when extending nail plates sculpting forms are necessary tools when your client has a nail or has an irregular nail shape.

Many technicians prefer sculpting forms to applying tips as it cuts down on service time and allows you to sculpt any shape your client would prefer.

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Ultimate Finish Gel

Young Nails ultimate finish gel is specifically designed to seal acrylic enhancements and allow a perfect glossed finish to any sculpt. Although this can be used on top of gel enhancements it can be considered as a superior seal to any nail enhancement.

Set for either two minutes under a UV lamp or 1 minute under an LED lamp. It is considered a hard gel that cannot be soaked off.

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15 g Base Gel

Young Nails Base Gel is the first step towards applying any hard gel enhancement or extension.

Applying very thinly it is the first step in creating a beautiful service that's durable and your clients will enjoy. Base gel is to be cured in a UV lamp and is then followed by your builder gel of choice.

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Builder Gel

Build gel has a medium to thin viscosity allowing you to sculpt extensions and overlays with a 1 bead process.

A cooler formulation it minimises the heat spike suffered by clients as gels are cured under the UV lamp. With its crystal clear formulation build gel is a perfect way to showcase your art and glitters.

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Concealer Pink Gel

Use the same way as the cover pink nail powder concealer gel is a builder gel with a thick viscosity also allowing you to conceal flaws and imperfections on the nail plate. As the thick viscosity would allow this is the perfect gel to use when sculpting nail enhancements onto the Young Nails forms.

With a slight self-levelling consistency this is the perfect choice for doing a killer reverse application.

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Mission Control White

Mission Control White gel is a hard gel paint this allows the technician to use it as either a gel to create the perfect forever French look or use with a design brush to paint on any design you so may choose. It works perfectly in conjunction with our acrylic and hard gel products.

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Master Gel Sculpt Brush

Young Nails Master Gel Sculpt Brush is the perfect size when using our Synergy gels it allows for the technician to Glide over the product with Total Control thus eliminating time and effort when creating nail enhancements it can be easily cleaned and the wooden grip handle gives you comfort in your grip.

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Student Lamp 36 Watt

Are UV lamps are considered a necessary part when creating Young Nails nail enhancements this light has 4 x 9 watt bulbs inserted. Giving you maximum wattage and allowing for the curing process to be done thoroughly.

Can be used with all Young Nails Jells from gel polish through to hard gel sculpting products.

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125 ml Steriliser Spray

Deemed by OHSas a necessary step when technicians are cleaning their tools and implements this steriliser spray used after soap and water eliminate 99.9% of pathogens and bacteria that may remain upon your tools of trade this product is only to be used on implements and is not suitable for skin.

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On To The Next Polish Remover

This is a nail polish remover that is a specially effective used in conjunction with the caption range from Young Nails it cuts through nail polish very quickly allowing a technician to have the job done in no time at all.

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Acetone is to be used on porous products such as acrylic nail extensions and gel polish applications for easy removal this product cannot be used on hard gel extensions as they are non-porous and do not allow for the acetone to permeate through the layers.

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Caption Base Coat

Caption base coat is the first step in your polish application. It can be used over acrylic nails gel extensions and natural nails this product drive in 30 seconds flat and allows for flawless polish application saving you time in the salon.

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Caption Top Coat

This is to be used as the last step in any polish application either on top of acrylic or gel extensions it has a Superior Shine and the perfect way to finish off any enhancement that your customers will appreciate.

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Heaven Help Me (Caption Polish)

Young Nails caption polish is a very heavily pigmented allowing in most cases for one coat only application they are also incorporating LAC 3 technology which plasticisers the polish allowing for the feel and durability to be felt similar to a gel polish with a very quick setting Time.

These polishes allow you to move on to the next job which ultimately saves you time and money in salon caption polishes are also exceptional choices for when stamping nail art is required.

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Here's The Deal (Caption Polish)

same as above...

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Let Life Unfold (Caption Polish)

same as above...

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1 x 250ml Foot Bath Soak

An essential Step when providing a pedicure to your clients this foot bath soak has a beautiful scent and a sanitizing quality allowing for safe practices within your salon. when client soak in the footbath it also softens their skin and calluses allowing you as a technician to provide easy removal.

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118 ml mango coconut scrub

Lomasi sugar Scrubs have been specifically developed by Young Nails to meet distinctive product standards and of course to work exclusively with all our lomasi creams and lotions.

Each set is a combination of essential oils and emollients in a creamy sugar base just perfect as an extra service to relieve stress and fatigue sugar exfoliate and softens your client skin without damaging yours.

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355 ml mango coconut lotion

For everyday use yet definitely not your everyday moisturiser lomasi lotions light blend of antioxidants with hydrating and soothing emollients spread smoothly absorb completely and last longer it soaks in deep and keeps moisturizing for hours on end always apply after cleansing and soaking on the body as well as the hands combined sense for individualised treatments.

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Manicure bowl

An essential part of any nail technicians kit the manicure ball is used for soaking clients fingers when performing manicures with the lomasi products the function of the manicure bowl is to soften and loosen non living tissue and cuticle from the nail plate for easy removal.

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Pedicure file

And it's Central part of any technicians tool kit the pedicure file or rasp is used to scrub away dead skin and calloused skin from your clients foot when performing pedicures this file is completely sanitizable and may be used for multiple treatments.

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240 / 240 purple combo

This Young Nails file has two sides both with a 240 Grit this file is soft enough to use on natural nails but also can be used when completely finishing your enhancement to eliminate surface scratches that may be applied during the finished file process.

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Super shiner buffer

This buffer is the perfect choice when applied to natural nails it brings out natural Shine on an nail plate when the client is not choosing to have a Polish applied this file can also be used on enhancements if no top coat is required.

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150 zebra file

A two sided file this file is a perfect choice for when you are refining your acrylic or gel nail enhancements this file is ergonomically designed and will make your job easier when used correctly the 150 zebra file can also be used on natural nails very gently to eliminate non living tissue from the cuticle zone prior to a nails service.

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Orange wood sticks

Orange wood sticks are an essential part of any nail technicians kit these have various uses but are especially helpful when use to clean around the client skin after polish application

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Toenail clipper

Toenail clippers can be used by the nail technician 4 quick and easy removal of excess free edge from the foot or hand made from metal they are completely sanitizable and may be reused over and over.

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Moisturising antiseptic

This to anyone spray gel sanitizers hands and feet for you while leaving them feeling fresh and moisturised for your client this like Cheryl viscosity helps keep the spray where you want it to be specifically formulated with tea tree eucalyptus and lavender it makes the sanitiser pleasantly fragrant as well.

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Pro Kit Bag

Your kit will be provided to you in this convenient drawstring bag helping you keep your products neat and tidy whilst On the Run

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