Nail Tips and Tricks

Here you will find lot of tips to help you in your nail career or for anything that you do at home. You can Click on Each individual Photo and it will take you through to the blog post. Enjoy and I'd love to hear your thoughts. I am always here to help.

Nail Polish Removers

NAIL POLISH REMOVERS I want to use this blog to take a look at the ingredients in nail polish removers, both good and bad. The first and most obvious choice is acetone. Like many cosmetic ingredients it has it pros and cons. The chemical acetone is solvent commonly found in nail polish removers. It removes polish Read More
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Nail Tips

NAIL TIPS DIFFERENT VARIETYS OF NAIL TIPS To provide a canvas for a nail technician to apply their product to, one must either glue a tip or extension onto the nail, or alternatively apply a sculpting form as the canvas. When nail technicians first start out in the industry, it is way more common for Read More
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Ella Grace Beauty blog post about pricing nail services

How to price my nail services?

How to price my nail services? Competition Just the word completion evokes a sense of dread to any nail tech starting out in the industry. Do you become plagued with questions like, how much do I charge? Am I too expensive? am I too cheap? will the clients come to me since my competition has Read More
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Brittle Nails

Brittle Nails What Causes them and how can we help? Part of being a professional nail technician is not all about playing with pretty colours and glitters. One integral part of our day to day job is the care of natural nails toe and finger. We can do this by offering manicures and pedicures to Read More
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