Nail technician Supplies

This section is specifically dedicated to reviewing the best in Nail Technology, over the coming weeks we will recommend, review and test the best of what our industry has to offer.

As you can imagine the market is awash with products specifically designed for the nail technician
industry. The biggest question posed by Nail Technicians of course, is what Im buying, value for
money, and what a waste of money.

Where do I purchase products from?
Located all over Australia, you will find distributors who specialize in the sale of nail, hair and beauty
products. To purchase directly from these stores, a proof of certification is generally required, and
the supplier will then set you up with an account.
The only problem with these suppliers of course is that it is not possible for them to stock and carry
the full range of every brand available in Australia. Therefore you are most likely to be limited to
their choice of products (which is usually the brand which they have the most mark up on).
However you can buy directly from the supplier, usually either by phone or web site. Again they will
verify you are certified before selling to you (or that you at least have an ABN number). Although this
often requires the technician to wait for delivery, you will at least be able to purchase the products
of your choice, and view the whole range.

Can I mix products and brands?
I’m often asked this question as companies offer special deals throughout the year on Primers for
example, and although it may not be the same primer as the system you have, it’s the same product
It’s important to remember that each company’s products work in synergy with each other.
Meaning it’s not recommended that you mix and match products according to price point. By doing
this customers will suffer service breakdown, lifting or cracked nails. The whole system when worked
together correctly to according to manufacturer’s advice, will allow your services to be foolproof. Its
very important as a technician to guarantee you work and be able to trust that the product you use
will withstand general wear and tear created by the customer.

How do I know how much to order?
When starting out you aren’t wanting to outlay thousands of dollars just to let the products sit on
the shelf and expire. What I would recommend when starting out is that you buy the small or
medium size product, and as you are ready to reorder then go ahead and purchase the largest size
you are able to. You can always decanter the product into the smaller more convenient size tubs
kept close to your table and keep the large sized products stored away somewhere safe. This will
convert your product into a higher ratio of profit as is it always cheaper to buy in bulk.
There are products that I would stock multiple numbers of, for example base and top coats, primers,
prep or dehydrating liquids, as these are used almost every service you do.

It’s important to also mention that when these types of products are placed on special or a deal scenario with your
supplier, I would as a technician purchase a years’ worth and stock up.

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