Nail Art Inspiration

I get asked quite a lot by students and fellow nail techs as to how I get my inspiration? Or how do you know what works together when choosing a nail design?

I'll let you in on a secret I wish I knew when I asked the same question years ago…………..

Absolutely ANY combination of colours work. The secret is revealed in the execution of your nail enhancement. You could challenge this theory and pick the most repulsive colours to your taste.

Then arrange them from darkest hue thru the lightest, and begin applying your choice from the cuticle area down to the tip or free edge.

Trust me when I say, if that nail has a perfect structure and
shape, which I spend a lot of my day showing students how to create, it will be amazing.

People will even say to you, “ I would have never chosen those colours but they are awesome, you must be good with colour.”

For those who are not ready to go blind Freddy, and this confidence may take a while, there is inspiration everywhere.

When was the last time you took a good look around at the plants you have in the garden, or the cushions that are on display at your local Kmart? Clues are left everywhere.

There’s a saying that resonates with me, and it’s that “success leaves clues!

The hard work has been done for you of course on all platforms of social media and to replicate is human, however, you really don’t need to turn on a computer, just look around.

In this section, we have the latest colour trend inspirations and designs for you and your business.