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It’s Amazing when we think about change in our lives, that although we resist it like a plague at
times, it’s the most dynamic entity that we as human beings will face on a daily basis.
There is a great quote that I often use when change is challenging,

“The only thing in our lives that stay constant, is change”

Therefore why is it that the rules on nail technology certification hasn’t changed in the 20 years that
I’ve been in the industry?

Nail technology as a profession is an unregulated industry, meaning, that you can just learn the skill
as a trainee or keen observer, and open your own salon with no formal qualifications, just comply
with councils DA for this type of industry and viola, you now have a skilled business.

Personally the concept of this is pure Insanity! We as nail technician providing all services of
manicures and pedicures must be so far down the proverbial government” to do” list, that we
haven’t even seen any change in this regulation since a fossil like me has been on board.
So that leads me to the next question, why is it so important to receive any nail technician

Well I'll tell you. I once met a lady many years ago, who stood in front of me as a shell of a woman.
Broken and ravished by disease, this lady was once an aspiring model, a career minded person, and a
vivacious human being who was in her early twenties, and ready to tackle life head on.
She had a successful business in the nail industry and was looking to franchise her success.

Then one day, it all changed.
This lady awoke, still in her bed, unable to move or sit up to attend work. For a fleeting moment she
put this strange phenomenon down to exhaustion, as it really was a busy time for her at the salon.

Within a short 4 hours of this particular morning, she was laying in ICU at her local hospital, and the
social workers were calling in her loved ones as she wasn’t expected to see out the day.

Doctors were completely stumped as to how this could happen to someone so suddenly with such
good health and youth on her side.
It was the good fortune of one of those doctors, in the eleventh hour, to run a toxicology report on
this beautiful woman, and all was miraculously revealed.

This woman was dying of Methyl Methacrylate poisoning.

Otherwise known as MMA, or liquid monomer, commonly used in acrylic nail application. She had ingested so much of this product, it literally was shutting her vital organs down, and she was dying from acrylic nail applications.
Those doctors worked around the clock over the next 24 hours and reversed the poison in her
system, until she was given another chance to live.

The fact that she now suffers alopecia, is paralysed down one side and speaks like a severe stroke victim, she stills musters the courage to stand in front of students on a daily basis to warn them about the effects of not practicing good chemical disposal.

So my question to you as a researcher looking into why you should be bothered studying to receive
your nail technician certification, is...

Is your health worthless? How can you afford NOT to study and receive your nail technician

Ella Grace Beauty, will equip you with all of the information you will
need to remain a success in your venture as a Nail technician. Weather you aspire to owning your
own chain of Nail salons, or whether you’re interested in some part time work around your family’s
busy schedule.

There is information on protecting your health, and the health of your clients that is
imperative to your future success as a nail technician.

There are many stories like the one of my friend, and this is reason for me to sustain such a
passionate belief, as to why every nail aspiring nail technician in Australia should attend a school
such as Ella Grace beauty, to receive a Nail technician certification.

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