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Nail Art Supplies

Nail Art supplies and stores are prolific and there is a never ending supply chain, either found on Ebay, Ali baba, or even Amazon. The most pressing questions of course is "How much should I buy?" and "what will my clients expect?".

As art is subjective, there is no clear answer as to what you should buy, or even what you can use for that matter.

I've seen everything from steam punked time pieces, through to snake skin and scorpions being used for nail art.

Just as a true artist receives inspiration from the slightest colour combination, or nature in its finest glory, the same can be said for the nail technician looking for inspiration on art ideas.

There are several ways you can create nail art.

  1. Hand drawn
  2. Embedded items
  3. bead and charm embellishments
  4. Glitters and stamping designs.

Hand Drawn

This can be done with various nail art brushes and may either be used with watercolours, acrylic paint, or even gel paints.

The watercolours and acrylic paints you can find readily at your local art supply shops, however the Gel products are usually sold at professional suppliers, and only sold to nail professionals. Those stores selling professional painting products can usually direct you to hand art design classes, and up skill you in this field.


Embedded Art

Embedded art is where nail technicians use bits and pieces to inlay into there extension work, and can be visible through the nails. Almost appearing as a 3D effect.

These supplies can be found anywhere, even craft supply stores, although it is worth mentioning that some pieces may "bleed " their colour underneath certain products and not stay in tact, so it is worth experimenting a little.

Bead and Charm embellishments

Most bead and charm embellishments are placed on top of the finished nail usually due to their size.

Placing these products inside the nail usually creates a lot of thickness and requires considerable product to be able to encapsulate them. This generally does not make for a pleasing extension.

You can apply these directly on top of the nail and affix the bead or charms with either an adhesive or a gel/acrylic product.

Swarovski crystals have become very popular with nail technicians and clients, and are readily available on the internet in bulk sizes.

Glitters and Stamping plates/designs

These articles are probably best to be purchased from the professional suppliers, due to not only their reaction with professional products, but there particular sparkling effect with cosmetic grade glitters is imperative. Cheap glitter purchased from art supply stores will "bleed " the colour right into the product when encapsulating them inside the extension, as well as not wearing well on top of the nail if using them as an embellishment.

The same applies with stamping plates and the polishes that are compatable with them.

The grade of plate is compromised with the etching of the patterns on a cheap product, and success isn't guaranteed, nor can you use just any nail polish with your plate if they are not recommended by the company producing these plates.

I would however encourage anyone to totally experiment with a lot of different art products and mediums as art is subjective after all . Just have fun !





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