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Jayne Adams

Overall the course was amazing! Nicky made us all feel like family and I don't think I have laughed So much in a long time! But most of all Nicky has the patience of a saint!! Not only with me but with all of us!


She was only too kind to explain things Again (and again!) until we got it! She was very good at explaining things simply as she did a demonstration and would often repeat it if we didn't see it properly the first time.


Thank you so much.

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My name is Nicki Jackowski, and I currently am the owner and principle of Ella Grace Beauty Salon and Education.

Here at Ella Grace Beauty, we concern ourselves with accepting enrollments by students who wished to become qualified, in the career of Nail Technology.

So why is it so important to finish a course to become a nail tech, when it's not necessary to have any formal certification to work in the industry?

Great Question

Let me take you back a few decades to when a career in Beauty involved all aspects of beauty, not just skin care as we know it today.

It would be a typical scenario for an employee, to receive all of the necessary training required to be delivered to them by the most senior therapist at the salon, and if you were lucky, have it accompanied alongside a TAFE qualification.

During this period in history, a beautician was limited to performing manicures and pedicures, and some sort of silk extensions, known as fibreglass. Therefore not so much time was spent on the skill of becoming a specialised professional.

The Industry had no formal qualifications in place for anyone specialising in Nail Technology, it all just fell under the beautician banner.

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Let’s now fast forward to today.

Nail professional now perform manicures and pedicures, which may include nail art, application of artificial nails, nail repair and other specialised hand and foot treatments.

Due to technicians wanting to become more skilled at their nail enhancement services, and not to forget clients demands, the industry leaders created courses in Nail Technology that passed onto the therapist all aspects needed for their career.

This has allowed a vast clientele to access services, and style their hands, feet, and nails in any way they see fit.

Of course, opening up this lucrative industry to mainstream no doubt came with its own set of problems - fungal infections, infectious diseases and disorders, are all commonplace in the environment of our industry.

Without proper education, the manicurist is not only placing their client’s health at risk but allowing themselves, their workmates and workplace to become a pathogenic breeding ground.


Enrolling yourselves into a government recognised, accredited course, like the classes we offer here at Ella Grace beauty, will no doubt arm you with all the tools and information you will need to protect yourselves, your salon and your longevity in this fantastic industry.

Backyard operators who claim they can offer you a short course and teach you what you need to know in the industry are not only a reckless practice but affect your health and financial future.



Invest in yourself with Ella Grace and embark on an exciting new career path.



Ella Grace Beauty specializes in condensing the courses so there is no interruption to your current career. You can work on your new career alongside your current job, seamless transition.

Both Certificate Courses have been designed incorporating Young Nails techniques and products as a standard entry level qualification for the beauty industry.

Located in Molendinar on the Gold Coast, and delivered over 9 days, Its perfect for any student across Australia.

Valuable Skills for a rewarding career. What employers will love about students who have learned Nail Technology at Ella Grace College, is they graduate with extensive hands-on training, as well as highly developed product knowledge.

You will be taught the traditional modules as well as bang on trends within the Industry


Frequently Asked Questions

Ella Grace Beauty is the ONLY fully qualified trainer in Australia that offers the full practical components, conveniently condensed into a fun-filled, action-packed 9-day NAIL BOOTCAMP.

At Ella Grace Beuaty we do it this way because Nicki Jackowski is a master trainer that can deliver the content for people all over Australia, particularly those in full-time jobs.

I am not going to waste your time, pulling you into college. You can do this at home.

According to study guidelines it takes approx. 240 hrs to complete cert 3.

We do 72 hours practical hands on … you do the rest at home at your leisure.


You will learn what a great set looks like and how to get there.

It is like sculpting, you may know the theory, but you will need to practice.

You must hone your craft like any artist.

Yes. This kit is the most prolific kit in the training industry.

With this kit, you will not have to put your hand in your pocket for another year.

To find out what's inside the best Young Nails kit in Australia CLICK HERE

No. But, as part of being enrolled with Ella Grace Beauty we can offer you a rate that is unsurpassable by other suppliers as we have a special relationship with Young Nails Australia and this is only offered to Ella Grace students!

You also get 10% off wholesale Young Nails products from their website, as part of being involved in Ella Grace Beauty Academy training. You get a special code to use on the Young Nails website.

Flexible Payment Plans, provided you pay before attendance, you can pay in any amount you like.

But we work on a First Paid First served basis. meaning, the first people to pay in FULL will have their position secured for that course intake.

Prices quoted are in AUD and are non-negotiable.

Payments are to be finalized and paid in full TWO WEEK (14 days) prior to attending the scheduled class.

If the student has not been able to meet the payment obligations before their class preference, the student is to contact the college and book for the next available course intake.

To cover administration costs and room bookings, if you decide to cancel payments at any stage, I will retain 10% of the TOTAL AMOUNT ( $308.50 AUD ). The rest will be refunded to you via PayPal.

Ella Grace beauty and education reserve the rights to hold overpayments if the student is unable to attend their selected class date. i.e.

If you have paid in FULL, but cannot attend at the specified date, Ella Grace Beauty will retain your payment until the next scheduled course.

Course Options

Prior Nail Qualifications Assessment


  • Receive a Nationally Recognized Qualification
  • Australian First
  • 1 Day Assessment of prior learning
  • Student has 12 months to complete all of the theory units

Certificate of Attainment in Nail Enhancement


  • Receive a Nationally Recognized Qualification
  • Blended Course Delivery
  • Receive Technical Knowledge Only
  • Good for People that have extensive experience in running their own business

SHB30315 Certificate 3 in Nail Enhancement


  • No Prior Experience Necessary
  • Receive a Nationally Recognized Qualification
  • This highest Certificate you can achieve in Nail Technology
  • Best Young Nails Kit in the industry. GUARANTEED
  • All the modules in Certificate in Nail Enhancement + Extra Business and Marketing Components in Theory
  • 9 Day Fun-Filled Bootcamp
  • Blended Course Delivery

SHB30315 Certificate 3 Personal Coaching Upgrade


  • The #1 Ingredient for Success – Personal Coaching
  • All the modules in Certificate 3 + Personalized Aftercare
  • Trainer comes to YOUR work environment
  • Priority ONGOING Support – for Personal Coaching Students ONLY
  • Complimentary One Year Subscription to EGB Nail Salon Directory
  • All the support you will need to succee in your new career

All Courses are provided in conjunction with Doyle's Academy. RTO Code 91615